Herbalife is a multilevel marketing corporation that develops, markets and sells personal care products and sports nutrition in America. It is a company that was founded by entrepreneur Mark Hughes in 1980 and has around 7,800 employees worldwide.

Herbalife is located in the Cayman Islands in Los Angeles. It operates in 95 countries worldwide through a network of 3.2 million distributors. The company’s products Include protein shakes, nutrition snacks, vitamins, sports and energy products. The products help many American citizens reach their beauty and fitness aims.

Before being released to the market, every batch of Herbalife 24 product is analyzed for substances banned by the United States Anti-doping Agency (USADA), The National Collegiate Athletic Association(NCAA), The National Football League(NFL) and many other professionals and amateur sports associations.

They have a quality control team that works globally to ensure all products satisfy their rigorous performance standards. With their slogan; ‘confidence in your nutrition’, they make sure athletes, trainers and coached trust their supplements and build confidence among the products’ members.

The founder Mark Hughes idea of starting was born when his mother passed on because of an unhealthy approach to weight loss and an eating disorder. He, therefore, began selling his products from the trunk of his car. Ever since, Herbalife expanded its reach to other countries like Israel, Mexico, New Zealand and now 95 countries.

Being a thriving company, complaints and challenges started in 1982. They were accused of including linseed oil, misleading medical claims in adverts and also making inflated claims about the efficiency of its products. The lawsuit by California’s Attorney general made them spend $850,000, lay off 800 employees and post a loss of $3million due to the negative publicity.

On 20th May 2000, Mark Hughes died at the age of 44 after an accidental overdose of alcohol and doxepin, an anti-depressant. Christopher Pair led the company till October 2001. It was then acquired by JH Whitney & company and Golden Gate Capital for $685 million which took it private again.

Herbalife went through several changes after the new ownership with new expertees joining while others resigning. They upgraded, signed new deals and repurchased new stock.

In the year 2017, it had a net income of $214million and earned a revenue of $4.43 billion.

In 2018, Herbalife changed its name to Herbalife Nutrition Ltd. It also announced that its shareholders had approved a two for one stock split.