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Sightsavers Advocacy for the Disabled Takes to The Global Disability Summit

With an estimated 1 billion people worldwide live with some type of disability. 800 million, over 80% of those people, live in impoverished, under-developed, or developing countries where their conditions and circumstances are mostly unknown. Within these parts of the world, it is unheard of to have a proper education or employment based on their experience and knowledge – such basic human rights are denied to them. Sightsavers advocates for inclusiveness and diversity for the disabled all around the world – including these poor, underprivileged individuals.


Over 800 delegates from around the globe attended the Global Disability Summit. The goal of the summit is to show the world the struggles that these disabled and disadvantaged people, unknown outside their home countries, go through. Before the Summit took place, 36 international development organizational leaders from the United Kingdom expressed optimism and hope in what the Summit wished to achieve through an “open letter.” Sightsavers has been a major advocate for more inclusiveness and diversity for those who live with disabilities.


The Summit took place at Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park in London and was focused on the need to revamp all worldwide efforts in ensuring more inclusive education, how to achieve economic empowerment, innovation and technology, and most importantly, dignity and respect for everyone. Sightsavers and their initiative for the last five years, Put Us in the Picture, have been rallying for the UK government to be more active in their pursuits for diversity and inclusion around the world for those who are disabled.


More than 300 signatures and 170 individual commitments which support the Global Disability Summit Charter for Change binds each of those signed to the pledge that they made to do their part to make the world more inclusive and equal among those with disabilities within their societies.

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Larkin and Lacey: The Power of the Press

Arizona journalists Jim Larkin and Michael Lacey were using their position as co-owners of the Village Voice media outlet to try and make Maricopa County sheriff Joe Arpaio a national figure and focal point of shame.

Larkin and Lacey ran stories about Arpaio and his deputies regular violation of civil and even human rights in the performance of their duty, specifically aimed against anyone who was, or appeared to be, Latino. From racial profiling to illegal detention, mistreatment of prisoners to illegal search and seizure, the Maricopa County sheriff’s office was accused of a variety of crimes in the press. Read more: Lacey and Larkin Speak Out on Trump Pardon of Arpaio | Phoenix New Times and Jim Larkin | Crunchbase

The nation wasn’t paying too much attention until Arpaio, thinking he had the answer to his Larkin and Lacey problem, ordered the two journalists arrested. He charged them with interfering in a Grand Jury investigation after Larkin and Lacey had ran a story about a secret Grand Jury that Arpaio had formed on false pretenses. Unknown to both men, the Grand Jury was actually formed to help Arpaio find- or invent- a reason to imprison the two and stop their attempts to expose Arpaio and his department.

With their jailing for exercising their rights under the first amendment, Larkin and Lacey got the attention they wanted on Arpaio. All it took was 24 days being imprisoned illegally, and the country was turning against Arpaio.

A judge dismissed all charges against Larkin and Lacey and set them free, also disbanding the Grans Jury they had reported on that was investigating them. After their release Larkin and Lacey sued the county, winning a sizable settlement. They used this settlement money to begin Frontera Fund, a civil rights advocacy non-profit focused on defending the first amendment rights of Latinos.

Arpaio was voted out of office in 2016, eventually facing charges himself. He was found guilty on several counts. However, before his sentencing, President Donald Trump used his pardoning power to set Arpaio free. Arpaio has since entered the national political scene, running for the Senate seat most recently held by John McCain.

Larkin and Lacey continue on as journalists, focusing much of their attention on defending the first amendment and speaking out against Arpaio and others like him. They staunchly oppose his Senate run, countering his struggling rallies and bogus claims with fact-checks and proof. It is their determination that the people of Arizona never forget Arpaio’s proven record of discrimination and bigotry.

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Drew Madden Tenure Accomplishment in Nordic Consulting Partners

Over the years, the Healthcare sector has been facing several notable changes regarding quantity and quality. The increasing patients’ hope and trust in enhanced service delivery has been due to the changes experienced in this sector. Thus, some prescription for different facets of the healthcare market has been innovated to serve as inspiration channels to the new generation entrepreneurs for them to think in the same viewpoints or even better.

Examples of these prescriptions are a referral system as well as better post-acute ratings. In reducing post-acute and readmission cost, the government has channeled several financial incentives to the Health Industry that are used in the acquisition of nursing facilities. An opportunity, therefore, arises for the entrepreneurs such as beginning to supply the hospitals with software that are capable of identifying among the post-acute supplier those who have the lowest readmission rates. The software will be essential for the hospital because it helps in better directing the patients and it will also save a considerable amount of money for the family and the patient.

Health tracking hardware is the other prescription that is essential to the Healthcare sector because the patient’s data was previously collected manually hence making the task somehow tiresome and boring and the worst thing is that inaccurate data may be obtained. Therefore, Doctors tends to experience an awkward moment to provide appropriate recommendations that is mostly impossible while using incorrect data or without the data. In addition to making the collection of data more natural and more straightforward compared to the manual selection, it also has an insurance cover that makes it secure to use. Therefore, it is a worth taking opportunity for an entrepreneur to begin supplying software to the hospitals and they should aid in the generation of patients’ health reports to doctors or nurses.

Drew Madden received his undergraduate studies at Lowa College of Engineering where he was awarded a B.S.E in Industrial Engineering. After the academics, he began his career in 2010 at Nordic Consulting Partners and served as its president for six clean years. During his tenure, the company accrued many benefits from his stewardship such as exponential growth in the size of employees and clients. Also, he assisted in 2012 and in 2014 the company to accomplish the KLAS ranking.

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