Steve Ritchie has made a name of himself through his notable contributions to the growth of Papa Johns. He has been serving in the company for many years, and through the expertise, he has brought in the company, it has grown into one of the largest ones in the country. Steve took up the role of chief executive officer of the company in January 2018, and he has announced the execution of the firm in honor of his notable contributions to the growth of the company. He has been loyal to the firm for a vast number of years, and he has been serving a vast number of different roles that brought changes to the firm.

Steve Ritchie holds vast experience in business management, and he has over the recent years been handling serious matters in the company to ensure that it maintains its position as the third largest pizza delivery company. He fully understands the basics of the running of such firms, and as a result, he has always been quick to address any arising issues in the course of its operations, his expertise in the field is impressive, and it has attracted the attention of a vast number of people in the industry. Despite being sought out by many companies, the renowned entrepreneur has maintained his excellent behavior and contributions for the benefit of the firms he runs. He has continued to share his ideas with other executives of the company on the ways they can take calculated risks in the running of their businesses to ensure that they acquire maximum profits in their companies.

The ability of Papa Johns to outdo other companies in the industry has been associated to the efforts showed by Steve Ritchie and another executive of the company to identify problem areas in the company quickly hence solving them before they cause any harm to the latter. Through the numerous projects that the firm has launched, it has also increased its scope as well as its total revenue incomes. The leader seeks to continue impacting the growth of the firm by employing the right strategies in its running.