If you ask residents who know anything about love, they may tell you that a simple four letter word can change the world. That is certainly true at Rocketship Public Schools. The feeling of love is something that is so important, they school has been using the feeling that love creates to inspire students and staff alike. Perhaps this one word is a word that makes Rocketship Public Schools different from other schools within the school system. Love and those emotions can be like a disease that spreads like a wild fire and that’s a good thing for sure. Teachers, students and the whole community can never have too much love and that is one thing that Principal Gassaway is sure of. The whole foundation of Rocketship Public Schools and their building bricks are all based in love. It’s hard to imagine what this single word can do or how it could change the whole environment, but, it continues to be very successful.

Rocketship Public Schools and the staff understand that teaching is more than just a job or wait to a paycheck. Teaching is an important asset to the community and everyone who has fallen through the cracks in many ways. Being cared for is important to the students and offering understanding, support and learning all based in love is important for everyone. Rocketship Public Schools understands that the students need amazing core values to become productive members of society. This means that it has to start in the Rocketship Public Schools and spread to the teachers, students and the parents. See lessons learnt in ten years that make learning easy at Rocketship Public Schools https://www.the74million.org/article/smith-10-lessons-from-rocketship-educations-first-decade-as-a-pioneer-of-k-5-personalized-learning/. When children learn to love, they will learn to love school, love to read, love to write and so on. Why? Simple, because love becomes a value of their core being and they want to spread that knowledge to everyone along the way.

There are many ways that the Rocketship Public Schools teach their core values and get them to spread. They have even used social media to educate parents and get them excited about the project of love. The parents responded by showing their children in still photos and videos. Love is easy to spread and Rocketship Public Schools is showing us that every day.

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