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Mark Hutchinson Conservation Efforts Through Wild Ark

Rarely do you find people passionate about making the world a better place. Mark Hutchinson is one such man who grew up in farms, dusty roads and wide open- fields. His love for nature and adventure saw him travel the length of Africa by car while he was just 19. He enrolled at Eco-training Course in South Africa so that he could qualify to be a guide in Africa. It is while in South Africa that he met Anton Lategan and partnered with him to deliver courses to eco-travelers and guides in Australia. At the age of 22, he established UNTAMED, an adventure company which was later rebranded as Avana.

UNTAMED paramount mission was to serve the people who needed real connection with nature, Hutchinson believes that nature is a leveler of city dwellers, bush men, and billionaires. The company hosted groups to wild places and had eco-tourism and guide training programs. The training programs could be tailor made to accommodate the client’s particular need and requests. After the sale of Avana in 2013, the Mother Nature lover had a better understanding across guiding, front-of-house management, ecotourism, and conservation.

In 2015, Mark Hutchinson established Wild Ark with a mission of protecting, buying and restoring high-value biodiversity land. He believes that humans need to build sustainable businesses on the land for the continuation and protection of the ecosystems. Wild Ark is dedicated to helping the non-humans get a home to live in biodiversity. Humans need to rehabilitate agriculture land, re-wild degraded land and rebuild their wild self through planting trees, going for bush walks and connecting with water. Learn more:

Mark Hutchinson loves it when people are focused on a particular thing just as he is. The father of four holds a Bachelors of Economics, an MBA, and is currently pursuing a master’s degree in Conservation Biology. The conservationist served as the Chief Executive Officer of Vocation. He lives on the Northern Beaches in Sydney where he gets time to explore the bush and to surf in the ocean. Hutchinson and his wife Sophie support efforts of conserving mother nature and making a difference in the fragile ecosystems. As an entrepreneur he loves listening to ideas and ‘rolling with the trend’ is a strategy that helps grow his business. Learn more:

Ecotourism and You

With the upcoming summer, the ever-popular time for travel and sightseeing fast upon us, we often look for the most fantastical and unique experiences outside of the hustle and bustle of city living. However, most do not consider our impact on the life systems in place during our tourism, or the people that live there. If you plan to travel, but want to do more good than harm, you may be more interested in eco-conscious destinations to travel; Ecotourism, as it is commonly referred to.Learn more :

Do not misunderstand – ecotourism may be the road less traveled, but you’ll see many beautiful destinations in this endeavor as well. If you’re a water person, you may be interested in notably beautiful places such as Palau, an archipelago around a thousand miles of the Philippines, or Haida Gwaii, just off the Canadian west coast, which also has the additional benefit of being a great place to visit for those who also are interested in cultural travel as well.Learn more :

People interested in places with more adventure and wildlife may be more inclined to visit places that have many organizations working to give them eco-conscious options. One of these organizations are Wild Ark, a group of passionate conservationists whose goals are to protect the biodiversity of many green belts and to inspire those with nature; They work with many other organizations, one in particular offers trails that develop bush skills along a 28 day hike in Africa.

Ecotourism is not just a great option, it may even become necessary as time moves forward, so there’s no better time to be ahead of the curve.Learn more :

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