The founder and leader of Success Academies, Eva Moskowitz has led a successful life that has seen her pass through many different educational institutions across the U.S. prior to the 2006 founding of the first Success Academy in Harlem, New York. Eva Moskowitz was born into a family headed by two academic professors who decided to allow their daughter to attend Harlem’s public school system and allowed her to see both the good and bad points of the Harlem school system.


This issue of education has always been one that is close to the heart of Eva Moskowitz and has seen her take up a role with New York’s Council, to which she was elected based on her positions on education and seeking improvements for the people of Harlem and New York as a whole.

In terms of education, the Success Academy founder believes every aspect of the school experience should be of the highest quality to inspire and aid students in exploring the best possible options available to them in achieving success. In her work in Harlem, Eva Moskowitz embarked upon a series of debates and investigations into every aspect of the Harlem public schools system that gave her an understanding of everything from energy use to teaching practices and training; the Johns Hopkins graduate eventually used her knowledge to develop charter schools that have improved the success rate of Harlem students in every aspect of education.


Since the opening of the first Success Academy, the charter schools program has expanded to include more than 30 campuses and 11,000 children who are often located in areas of New York seen as the worst affected by poverty. Eva Moskowitz has seen the students, she brings the latest teaching techniques and learning programs to outperform members of the public school system in all areas of New York; the interest in Success Academy programs led to the