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Can One Word Make A Difference?

If you ask residents who know anything about love, they may tell you that a simple four letter word can change the world. That is certainly true at Rocketship Public Schools. The feeling of love is something that is so important, they school has been using the feeling that love creates to inspire students and staff alike. Perhaps this one word is a word that makes Rocketship Public Schools different from other schools within the school system. Love and those emotions can be like a disease that spreads like a wild fire and that’s a good thing for sure. Teachers, students and the whole community can never have too much love and that is one thing that Principal Gassaway is sure of. The whole foundation of Rocketship Public Schools and their building bricks are all based in love. It’s hard to imagine what this single word can do or how it could change the whole environment, but, it continues to be very successful.

Rocketship Public Schools and the staff understand that teaching is more than just a job or wait to a paycheck. Teaching is an important asset to the community and everyone who has fallen through the cracks in many ways. Being cared for is important to the students and offering understanding, support and learning all based in love is important for everyone. Rocketship Public Schools understands that the students need amazing core values to become productive members of society. This means that it has to start in the Rocketship Public Schools and spread to the teachers, students and the parents. See lessons learnt in ten years that make learning easy at Rocketship Public Schools When children learn to love, they will learn to love school, love to read, love to write and so on. Why? Simple, because love becomes a value of their core being and they want to spread that knowledge to everyone along the way.

There are many ways that the Rocketship Public Schools teach their core values and get them to spread. They have even used social media to educate parents and get them excited about the project of love. The parents responded by showing their children in still photos and videos. Love is easy to spread and Rocketship Public Schools is showing us that every day.

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Dick Devos and his appointment by the FAA

Last year, Dick Devos made the news in Washington with his appointment to the Federal Aviation Administration’s Management Advisory Council. With 13 members, Devos was the last one to be appointed, but his appointment was praised by many in aviation, including the CEO of Southwest and the CEO of Gerald R. Ford International Airport in Grand Rapids. While many people don’t realize this, Devos is an aviation enthusiast who has been working with the Grand Rapids airport for many years. He has also struck up a great partnership with many airline executives through his work.


The FAA has been making a lot of changes to policies and regulations throughout 2018. This comes after President Trump challenged the agency in his bid for presidency. He stated that airports had fallen compared to airports in foreign markets. The new Management Advisory Council meets once every quarter to discuss policies, regulations, budgets, and future growth plans.


Devos is the perfect nominee to the council. With his business acumen and experience with airlines, he has been helping the Gerald R. Ford International Airport since 1999. As the airport re-launched, there were still issues with ticket sales. The airport had been suffering a long period of stagnant growth. In fact, the airport had been open since the early 1900s.


However, it had yet to expand much in terms of airlines, terminals, or destinations. Devos began working with the airport in the 2000s, using his connections through Amway and being a globally recognized business leader. He started by making a phone call to the CEO of Air Tran Airways. The airline had a few terminals at the international airport in Grand Rapids, but Devos persuaded the CEO to open up new destinations.


Devos saw a lot of opportunities for the airport to grow as a business traveler destination. He could see that people wanted to go to other business conference areas such as Orlando, Las Vegas, St. Louis, and Denver. With Grand Rapids in the same pool of destinations and thanks to a brand new convention center freshly built by the Devos Family Foundation, Devos saw that there could be conferences held in Grand Rapids as well.


This move made a big difference for the city, and it put Dick Devos on the map for his masterful business decisions. It was this experience that the FAA was looking for when they appointed him to the council. Since that time, he has been meeting with the FAA once every quarter. The FAA has also released several new policies this year as well as updates to different regulations.


Devos will continue to meet with the council for the next two years. He joins the council with transportation authorities and former airline executives. His experience with airlines, aviation education, and pilot training will prove invaluable for the changes being made by the FAA.


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How Betsy DeVos Can Improve Education

When I heard that Betsy DeVos was going to be appointed as the Secretary of Education, I had a lot of questions. As a first time mother to an almost three year old, I was curious about how schools function. After all, I’m 40, and it has been forever since I was in school. The great thing is that I now get to teach my daughter what I can at home, and it’s fun watching her develop. My greatest fear as a mother was that when she finally went to school, I was uncertain about how much she would learn. I didn’t know how schools had changed, and I had heard so much about kids struggling.

Having a been a mother herself, I know Betsy knows and understands what that feels like. She had four children of her own in school at one time, and now that she has grandchildren she is still involved and has been with education for many years. Although Betsy has not been a teacher, she doesn’t need to be in order to totally rock this position. I’m looking at this from the viewpoint that she is a woman that would love to see children excel, and she is looking at this position through the eyes of a mother and a grandmother.

Betsy DeVos has been involved in politics for nearly 28 years, and her job as the Secretary of Education will still be to work with politicians and those who work at the state level to help reform education. Betsy isn’t going to work with teachers directly, and she isn’t going to work with students directly. I’m thrilled that someone with so much experience in politics and working to excel education in the past is in this position.

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I don’t know how a bill becomes a law, but what I do know is that Betsy DeVos is going to be working in this capacity with experience in politics to see how education bills can influence laws regarding education. I also know and have seen that she stands behinds children getting a quality education regardless of where they live. This is critical to children that are considered high-risk. They all deserve the same opportunities as any other child to learn, get tutoring when needed, and get the bet curriculum. It is safe to say in my opinion that Betsy is the absolute best choice at this time.

There are many experienced teachers out there that have been around for as long as she has, but they can and should work hand in hand together to reform education. That reform of the education system is her job, not to teach or write the curriculum itself.

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