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Meet the Founder of Altium Capital, Jacob Gottlieb, a Successful Health Care Investor

Jacob Gottlieb is a successful entrepreneur who has invested in health care. He is the founder of Altium Capital. His firm invests in health care companies with the potential of becoming successful. He is a graduate in Economics from the Brown University. He also went to the medical school of New York University where he got his MD. Gottlieb earned his CFA from the Association for Investments Management and Research. He achieved his P.R.M from the Professional Risk Managers’ International Association.

Altium’s Investments

The company has its headquarters outside the city of New York. Altium has a 5.61% stake in Oramed company, which is in Jerusalem. The company developed an oral drug for diabetic patients. Altium also has a 9.81% share in Sellas Life Sciences. This company uses unique technology in the treatment of cancer.

Another essential investment is in Amarin, a pharmaceutical company in Dublin, Ireland. The company developed Vascepa, a drug that is suitable for treating cardiovascular disease. The drug has omega-3 fatty acid as its main ingredient. Oragenics is another company with Altium’s investments. Oragenics focuses on the replacement of harmful bacteria with the helpful ones. This form of replacement helps achieve effective therapies for patients.

Jacob Gottlieb’s Career

He worked for two years at Sanford C.Bernstein company as a buy-side analyst. He has also worked for several years at Merlin BioMed Group. Here Jacob Gottlieb worked as a portfolio manager in charge of investments. He is also one of the founders of Balyasny Asset Management company.

In 2005, Jacob Gottlieb founded Visum Asset Management Company. The $8billion hedge fund company also focused on health care investments. The company had employed more than 200 employees and had its main offices in New York City. But, the company stopped operating after the occurrence of a scandal. After getting his clearance from the scandal, Gottlieb established Altium Capital.

More Information

Jacob Gottlieb uses his time and resources to support the less privileged in the society. He assists organizations that provide education to the less fortunate. Such organizations include New Yorkers for Children and Robin Hood Foundation. He also contributes to the East Harlem Tutorial Program and Windward School.

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Renovia Inc. to continue with production of pelvic disorder products under the direction of Marc Beer after the success of Series B round funding

Urinary incontinence is just an example of some of the pelvic disorders that millions of women across the world have had to bear with, in the past decades. However, there is now a light at the end of the tunnel, after Renovia Inc. a Boston based pharmaceutical company announced its plans to continue with the production of various pelvic floor disorder medications. This announcement came after it successfully closed its Series B round funding with $32 million in funding and another $10 million in venture debt.


The success of the series B round funding can be attributed to the fact that it’s first pelvic disorder product, dubbed Leva managed to gain FDA approval and is doing pretty well since it entered the market in April. Some of the companies which took part in Series B round include the renowned healthcare investment firm, Longwood fund.


Commenting on the matter, Renovia Inc’s Chief executive officer, Marc Beer said that through the support of Longwood Fund, Renovia’s vision will now turn into reality as both companies share the same concept, which is; improving the lives of millions of women across the world who suffer silently due to pelvic disorders. He further added that besides sharing the same vision, both Renovia and Longwood Fund boast top-shelf sensor technologies and all the resources relevant to the project. In respect to this, it will now be possible for them to provide valuable treatment options to their clientele and at the same time create easy access to pelvic disorder information hence enable the patients and the affected gain a deeper understanding of these disorders. According to Marc Beer, this will go a long way in cutting the long-term health care costs associated with conditions such as Urinary incontinence among many other pelvic disorders.



Longwood’s funding in Series B round will go a long way in enabling Renovia to come up with better products for the diagnosis and treatment of pelvic disorders as it will allow renovia to gain access to all the resources it requires for the development and testing of new products. Some of the products that Renovia aims at bringing forth include a more enhanced, new era Leva device.


More about Marc Beer


Marc Beer boasts a career that spans over two decades in the biotechnology and healthcare arena. He has worked with various top level pharmaceutical and biotechnology firms where he served the role of Chief Executive officer before moving to another biotech firm known as ViaCell where he was the founding CEO. Marc Beer boasts exemplary leadership skills and this is proved by the fact that every company that he has ever been part of, now rides high on success. For instance, while at Viacell, Marc managed to broaden its horizons and just five years after its inception, the company had increased the number of staff to 300 and even went public. There is no doubt that under his belt, Renovia Inc. which he co-founded with Yolanda Lorie and Ramon Iglesias two years ago, is headed in the same direction. Learn more :

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