Brian Torchin is currently the President of the company that he founded known as HCRC Staffing, Health Care Recruitment Counselors. A chiropractic physician, Mr. Torchin soon realized that there was need to create an agency that provided qualified medical staff to local hospitals and other medical care facilities.

Medical staffing positions are not scarce, the problem was that hospital and other medical organizations were unable to find a perfect match for the position.

In turn, there are many qualified personnel looking for positions in the medical industry. Not only does HCRC provided qualified staff to the medical field such as physical therapist, but they also provide counsel to place candidates where they will love their job and provide the best quality care possible.

Others should strive to become the type of leader that Brian Torchin displays every day. He is involved with the daily operation of his company. He understands the needs of his patients and his employees and offers personal attention to each need. In addition, Mr. Torchin remains humble and true to the cause of providing the best medical care.

Mr. Torchin is hands-on leader and his business model is successful because he strives to make customer, as well as employee, satisfaction a priority.

Glassdoor believes that Brian Torchin understands the medical field and uses that knowledge to provide the best job opportunities to health care professionals who, in turn, will pass that care onto each and every one of their patients.

HCRC Staffing is available across the United States and also in Australia and Canada. It is very common that Brian Torchin and his team at HCRC Staffing will be able to find a qualified, efficient and friendly candidate to bring your medical practice to the next level.

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