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Alibaba and Amazon Move Over, We Visited Jd’s Converted Grocery Store in China

To build a perfect grocery and marketplace, the race to achieve the top position and to stay in competition is gearing up in China. There would be no surprise element to know that two of the biggest e-commerce giants and titans “JD.COM” and “ALIBABA” have launched setups that work offline as well. This step leads to a great jump over towards productivity and growth.

According to the Ministry of Commerce, the nation’s utilization and expenditure have been less than 20%, although online selling and retail have hit China widely.

Alibaba was creating and building offline swoops by molding and casting the partnerships through multiple channels. These channels include a department store operator and a huge hypermarket series. Alibaba faced a little setback after the opening of Hema that offers checkouts under a robotic system or bursar fewer checkouts.

Meanwhile, JD has launched very first digital store known as 7Fresh. This marketplace was opened in January. The grocery stores are a little away from residential areas. In the fruit sections, the barcodes even tell how sweet the fruit is and where it is from. To buy products one must download the app and register or roll over in an account. The customers help themselves with the shopping bags and then pay through JD’s digital wallet. The customers within the domain of 3km of the supermarkets can buy stuff online, and they would deliver the ordered items in 30 minutes.

Like Henna, 7Fresh is the larger grocery store, which aims to hit rush inside. The store has conveyor belts over the ceiling that carries stuff around with only a little human help. Wang Xiansong, the President of 7Fresh, said when he was inaugurating the store that the 7Fresh acts according to different customers who are located in different regions.

Despite all these aspects, Alibaba and are working offline for a step towards progressive working of such stores. The store, Alibaba depends upon the other third part planning’s whereas JD operates their in-house convoy which is expensive to handle and operate.

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Tags: Celebrating The Holiday Season With Hello Kitty


Hello Kitty is one of Sanrio’s most popular characters, and for the holiday season, the beloved character will be appearing on different merchandise being sold by or as commonly known as Jingdong Mall, the largest online retailer in China. According to the company’s marketing department, they are planning to target more than 300 million individuals who are fans of Hello Kitty.

According to Jingdong Mall, a wide range of merchandise that uses Hello Kitty as a theme ranging from electronics, food, and a lot more will be discounted. There are also limited edition boxes that will be manufactured for the partnership between the two companies, featuring Hello Kitty dressed for the holidays. This special edition product will be released on’s online platform, and people are encouraged to get the item because of its limited availability.

Another promotion that will be sponsored by Jingdong Mall will involve people who are shopping in malls around Beijing. The e-commerce retail company will be setting up photo booths that would enable shoppers to take a photo with Hello Kitty. Then, a special QR code will be handed out to those who participated, which will direct them to the online promotion. is hoping that the photo booth that they set up inside Beijing’s largest malls will get the attention of the public, and will encourage them to shop at See Related Link to learn more.

According to the company’s Head of Marketing, Jipeng Men, they are expecting that more than 300 million people will grab the opportunity to get the limited edition Hello Kitty merchandise that they will be putting on sale. He also added that Hello Kitty’s influence in China has become stronger, and the character is known by almost everyone. also revealed that the partnership with Sanrio will be followed by other partnerships with several companies, which will allow them to bring the characters closer to their customers. They also enjoyed the idea of setting up a photo booth for an interactive experience to the public, and they are considering another similar promotion that would feature other characters. This is not the first time that had to partner with other companies to release limited edition merchandise, and they have already done it with LINE and Warner Bros last year.


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