Dan Bethelmy-Rada is an accomplished business executive. Currently, he is the Global Brand President for a hair care brand known as Matrix and Biolage. He was appointed for this position in 2015. He is a holder of a Bachelor of Commerce Degree from Pantheon-Sorbonne University and a Masters in Strategy and Management of International Business. He has served in various top positions in Garnier International and L’Oreal.

He has been part of the company’s latest development, R.A.W, which is an all-natural and authentic brand. Dan Bethelmy-Rada has explained that the company developed this product after they realized the high demand in the market for natural products. Consumers in all parts of the world no longer need the naturally-inspired products, instead, they want those that are 100% natural and also have the least effect on the environment.

Matrix has developed R.A.W as an indication of its commitment to offers consumers products that support environmental sustainability from their production as well as packaging. The products have been produced using natural and highly biodegradable ingredients. The company uses ingredients from plants, honey, minerals, fungi, and seaweeds. The packaging of the R.A.W brand is made of recycled plastic.

According to Dan Bethelmy-Rada, this achievement by Matrix has not come without challenges. They faced severe constraints but were able to develop a brand of products without compromising on naturalness. One of the hurdles was the cost of production. A huge investment was required to cover costs such as formulation, packaging, and others. They had to bring in people from Research & Innovation and Operations, who were involved in carrying out numerous tests.

The other challenge that the company faced was the problem of time. The teams had to work extra hard to meet the deadlines. They had problems searching for clay because it would get contaminated easily in the time of transportation. They had to change the launch date to give more time in sourcing the clay. The company has also carried out a program to educate over 700 salon owners in the US on the most sustainable methods of using R.A.W brands. So far the brand has been well received in the market