A Reddit user shares that their friend needed to hire a photographer on a tight budget. However, the “photographer” bumped heads with the groom threatening not to pay. So, the Reddit user deleted all the wedding photos in front of the newlyweds and walked off.

Not A Professional Photographer

The original poster (OP) isn’t a photographer by trade. Instead, OP happens to take pictures of animals and post them on their social media account. 

OP’s friend was on a tight budget and desperate to find someone they could afford to take pictures. OP made it clear that taking pictures isn’t their “forte,” but was convinced to take photos for $250 for a 10-hour event.

“Was Told I Cannot Stop To Eat”

OP started the day at 11 am and planned to be done by 7:30 pm. It was a busy and tiring day for OP, taking pictures of the ceremony, reception, speeches, and other candid photos of the guests. 

However, OP learned that the couple didn’t save a spot for them at the reception. So, when the food started to come out, the groom told OP they were not allowed to stop to eat because they needed to be the “photographer.”

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Needed 20 Minutes To Eat And Drink

OP told the groom they needed to take a break for 20 minutes to eat and drink. But the groom responded by saying that OP needs to continue to take pictures or “leave without pay.” 

The groom’s comment annoyed OP, especially since they were hungry and tired. But OP stood their ground and asked if the groom was sure. Once the groom confirmed what he said, OP deleted the newlywed’s photos right in front of them and walked away.

For $250, the entire day wasn’t worth it for OP. Instead, OP would have spent that money on water and a place to sit down.

What Does Everyone Else Think?

Most Reddit users said they included the photographer as part of their headcount, ensuring they receive a full meal. And even if some photographers don’t expect to be included, users say it’s common courtesy to set aside a meal for them.

One Reddit user said OP should not have deleted the pictures in front of them. Instead, this user was saying OP should have left and kept them. So, when the couple calls OP for the pictures, OP can charge them double or triple the price.

Is OP wrong for deleting the pictures in front of the newlywed couple? Were the bride and groom taking advantage of OP’s kindness to agree to be a photographer? Do you think OP and the bride will continue to be friends after this event?

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