Do Not Sell That Stock! Use It for a Loan, Instead!

If you own a business, whether medium sized or small, you know that once in a while, things can go wrong. Perhaps it is just a slow economy, or a major international event, but something can happen that can slow down your business. The chances are that from time to time you need to borrow money or raise capital by selling stocks that you own.

You can actually avoid cashing in your stock by using it as collateral for a loan. If you see your banker, they can arrange a loan using your stocks as collateral. However, they will tell that they can only lend up to 40% of the value of the equities, and there are some equities against which they can not loan due to government regulations. You will need to write a business proposal and explain how the proceeds of the loan will be used. Then they will hit you with a high interest rate, and tell you that it will take weeks to fund the loan and learn more about Equities.

You may as well have sold the stock, you think. But wait! There is a better solution.

Go to Equities First UK.

They will lend up to 80% of the value of the equities that you hold. Yes, 80%, not the 40% that the institutional lenders offer. Plus, they can lend against any equity they decide to use, because they are a private corporation and regulations like that will not apply and read full article.

Further, the funding will be right away, not weeks away. You will not have to write a proposal for the purpose of the loan. Finally, the interest rate will be far, far lower than what the conventional lenders will ask.
Equities First UK appears to have a win-win solution for you. Let your search begin and end with Equities First, UK!

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Tony Petrello And His Accomplishments At Nabors Industries

Nabors Industries is undoubtedly among the biggest oil and gas drilling rig companies in the world. It is listed as the best offshore drilling firm in the United States and various international markets.

The reputable company mainly focuses on supplying drilling equipment, directional drilling services, and innovative technologies in energy market globally.

Tony Petrello is currently the CEO of Nabors Industries. He graduated from Yale University with a Bachelor’s and a Master’s Degree in Mathematics and attended Harvard School of Law to pursue J.D. degree. As the Chief Executive Officer of the leading entity, Tony is responsible for strategic planning and controlling operations of the enterprise. He is also tasked with the responsibility of appointing the top executive officers in addition to linking existing and potential investors. Tony believes in teamwork, and this is a key attribute that has contributed to his exemplary performance.

Tony Petrello served Nabors Industries between1992 and 2011 as the COO and the President of the firm. At the same time, he served as a member of the Board of Directors and sat on the Executive Committee of the company. In 2003, he climbed the ladder of leadership and was appointed as the Deputy Chairman and later the Chairman of the Board. Anthony earned the position of the President and the CEO of Nabors Industries in 2012.

Tony Petrello served at Baker & McKenzie Law Firm from 1979 to 1991 before joining Nabors Industries. At Baker & McKenzie, he offered services relating to taxation, corporate law, and international arbitration. In 1986, he was hired as a Managing Partner of the law firm located in New York but resigned from this position in 1991. Tony has also served as a Director of Hilcorp Energy, Stewart & Stevenson, LLC among other companies.

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Fighting for the Rights of Arizona People

Justice That Works is a not-for-profit organization created by Heather Hamel that aims at transforming Arizona’s penal justice system and investing the communities to be safer and healthier. JTW aims at changing the entire justice system into a supportive, positive system with new laws, courts, probation and prisons, and eventually altering the hearts, minds and culture of people.

Heather explained that Arizona was chosen because it has the biggest and fastest rising prison population in the entire United States. Figures reveal that the state imprisons more African Americans per capita as compared to the other cities.

Maricopa County Sheriff, Joe Arpaio, is famous for racial profiling and human rights violations. Also, the Phoenix Police Department is amongst the violent forces in the country.

Justice That Works Organization has a competent team of experts including immigration attorney, a radio host, Ayensa Millan, and Center for Neighbourhood Leadership policy director Viridiana Hernandez. Read more: About Lacey and Larkin- Frontera Fund and Jim Larkin | Facebook

JTW supports having community courts in Phoenix because of their success in other cities by lowering crime rate as well as saving millions of dollars spent on fighting crime and imprisonment. Moreover, the community courts aim at tailoring restorative justice to the person’s need and attempt to improve their situation. For instance, a judge may sentence the individual to community service, drug counselling, and job training of support groups.

According to Hamel, she believes that the millions of dollars used in incarceration could be used positively to boost schools, develop roads and streetlights, construct parks and community centres as well as augment access to healthcare facilities.

About Lacey & Larkin Frontera Fund

Mike Lacey and Jim Larkin were forced out their homes in the middle of the night into dark tinted, unmarked SUVs in an arrest planned by Joe Arpaio on October 18, 2007. Joe Arpaio considers himself the Toughest Sheriff in the U.S and is has had the longest history of human rights violations and racial profiling.

Sheriff Joe was once featured on the Phoenix New Times for his many fits of power abuse which include mistreatment and death of prisoners, racial profiling and unlawful detention of Latinos, Poor health conditions in his jails, and vengeful abuses of power on his critics.

Therefore the two were apprehended for allowing a cover story in the Phoenix New Times that publicized how Arpaio used his friends in the Maricopa County Attorney‘s Office to subpoena all editors, writers, and readers including their personal browsing histories and IP addresses. This resulted in a loud national uproar after which the two were released, and all their charges were dropped. Learn more about Jim Larkin and Michael Lacey:

They two sued for infringement of their First Amendment Rights and abuse of power. They won the case and received a $3.7 million court settlement. Lacey and Larkin then decided to establish the Frontera Fund whose primary objective was to finance groups that advocated for human, migrants and civil rights throughout Arizona.


Jim Larkin and Michael Lacey – Front Page Confidential is the new home of Former Phoenix New Times Owners

Michael Lacey and Jim Larkin met in college and began a career in journalism together. Their first project was a simple college newsletter. It became a hit with the college’s liberal students. The two decided to drop out of college to pursue lives as journalists. The duo eventually purchased a publication together called the Phoenix New Times. The now own Front Page Confidential.

Their work in college and their work in the real world are similar in many ways. In college, the two created their newsletter as a way to provide alternatives for the college’s own conservative based paper; at the Phoenix New Times, they provided a liberal view point to a primarily conservative population.

Joe Arpaio was the Sheriff of Maricopa County for 24 years. He retained his position, despite his illegal activities, by arresting and smearing his political rivals and opponents. His operations were exposed to the nation in 2007 when he made three wrongful arrests. Not only did he arrest Michael Lacey and Jim Larkin for their journalistic works, he arrested a Mexican citizen who was in the country legally on a tourist visa. The journalists were awarded nearly 4 million dollars and the incident with the tourist cost Maricopa County a devastating 70 million.

Lacey and Larkin used their money to create The Frontera Fund, a charity that worked to correct the damage of Arpaio; the journalists support the ACLU, Aliento, 1070, and dozens of other charities.

Front Page Confidential came next. After they sold the Phoenix New Times, they needed a new outlet to inform readers. Front Page Confidential was launched in August of 2017.


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US Money Reserve Educates Americans on the Advantages of Investing in Precious Metals

On September 28th, 2016, the US Money Reserve launched a direct response television show called 2016 Gold Summit. The US Money Reserve is responsible for the distribution of US, and foreign government issued gold, silver and platinum tenders. The 2016 Gold Summit is a 28-minute show and airs from 2016 Gold Summit in Los Angeles, California.

Larry King and Michael Reagan, the son of President Ronald Reagan are responsible for its production. King acts as the moderator while Reagan takes on the platform and explains his father’s belief that Americans has the right to own gold.

Later on, panelists from the US Money Reserve set the stage and give insight to the benefits of owning gold at this economic time. They also shed light on the market volatility, the dollar and its buying power together with global events that affects the gold’s market.

On stage are three US Money Reserve panelists that include; Philip Diehl who is the president. He also chairs the Industry Council for Tangible Assets. Another panelist on stage is John Rothans. Rothans is the Master Numismatist at the Reserve.

The third Panelist is Brad Castillo. He is the former VP of Sales at US Money Reserve. The show is a demonstration of the hard work and talent of the institutions’ production team. The CEO of the Reserve, Angela, said that they were honored to feature Larry King as the moderator. Learn more about US Money Reserve:

She added that such a show with the discussion detailing topics critical to precious metal markets requires precise moderation. Further, she stated that the relationship between Michael Rogan, Larry King, and the Reserve brought the two living legends together to work towards the successful production of the unique and timely show.

Founded in 2001 by gold market veterans, the US Money Reserve has grown to become the largest private distributor of Gold, Silver and Platinum coins. To date, the institution has served over 400, 000 customers. They combine a wealth of trustworthy members and combine a top-notch customer service, expert knowledge, and guidance when purchasing these precious metals. Over the years, clients who have placed their trust in the institution are today raking in profits.

According to Crunchbase, the US Money Reserve has a set of highly trained teams that constitutes of coin researchers, and numismatic professionals equipped with knowledge in finding products that guarantee high-profit margins.

The organization offers a customer service beyond the industry standards ensuring that the relationship with the clients gets nurtured. Additionally, it constitutes of several specialists that ensure all the processes gets carried out efficiently. The US Money Reserve has its base in Austin, Texas.

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Will Wen Change Your Hair?

If you’ve been searching on Amazon for a new hair care line that will repair your tresses without harsh ingredients, it may be time to give Wen a try. Wen contains essential oils and plant and flower extracts that soften the hair and get rid of split ends and dry hair strands. The hair line is also well known for offering cleansing conditioners instead of traditional shampoo to soothe and thoroughly moisturize the hair.

Emily McClure from Bustle decided to try Wen’s Fig conditioner for a week, and her review could help you decide if Wen is for you.

McClure noticed that her hair was softer and more moisturized after the first use, but did say that she had to use a lot of the conditioner to really get the job done. The conditioner made her hair heavier and oilier, and even when she missed a day of washing her hair, the conditioner provided her hair with so much moisture that it wouldn’t hold curls for an entire day.

Emily’s friends even noticed that her hair was looking much better by the end of the week. McClure says that the Sephora endorsed Wen Fig conditioner works well for women with thin hair. She also states that the product is also ideal for protecting the hair, especially for women who wash and blows dry their hair every day.

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Fablectics by Kate Hudson is threatening to Hedge out Amazon from the Top Spot in Online Retail Business

To compete with, and even threaten to hedge Amazon out of the top spot in retail trade is no mean feat! But that is precisely what Kate Hudson has nearly achieved through launching a series of activewear fashion brands that focus on inspiration and convenience to popularize itself with the millennial or generation X. For less than three years now, Kate’s Fabletics has set itself up as a giant player in online fashion business by fetching revenue of over $ 250 million.


Traditionally, high-value brands that sold fast relied on the quality of the product, and it’s pricing, but the new trend by people who are conscious of what they wear is based on appeal features. The new elements of attraction include aspects like recognition of the brand, customer satisfaction and experience, last-minute services, and gamification to boost sales. A shift of factors driving the economy, and influencing success in competitive business has changed the perception of today’s consumer. Fabletics uses different methods of subscription to woo clients to remain loyal to their fashion line. People love a touch of extraordinariness in the way they dress!


So what extraordinary appeal has Amazon’s challenger brought into the market? Kate Fabletic’s extends its reach to customers through brand membership. The strategy relies on positioning in the market by targeting customers through subscription, followed by physically opening stores anywhere in the world. The success of this model of the sale depends on offering trendy clothes by giving individualized service and care at less than half the cost that competitors in similar wear do. Gaining insights into who your customers are, and what they need spices up sales of the products.


The digital information gathered by combining online data and the physical showroom creates a review platform that reveals what exactly the customers want to buy. The client’s journey towards the brand starts immediately their digital preferences are matched with the items available in the stores. The brand can build an international following because of getting insights into various cultures; it takes advantage of a mix of customer awareness, level of education, and lifestyle to make inroads into new markets .


Kate Hudson’s Fabletics has many advantages over the physical retail store, some of which are; first building personal relationship with customers through reverse showrooming. The method ensures window shopping is a positive rather than a negative so that the clients do not buy items cheaply elsewhere after browsing offline. It guarantees that customers entering a store are dedicated members.

Weekend #workout plan inspired by @gingerressler's high-power moves ????

A video posted by @fabletics on

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Equities First Taking London-Based Meridian Equity Partners Ltd

The world ace in shareholder financing services, Equities First, provides its services in various nations with workplaces as of now in Perth, Singapore, Sydney, Bangkok, London, Hong Kong, Indianapolis and South Africa. Furthermore, one of its significant strides in broadening its services was getting of Meridian Equity Partners Ltd in UK (FCA no. 605564) in 2014 with the company operations proceeding with the name Equities First (London) Limited.

“The procurement of today is historic for our association as it conveys our image and services to another, global level. With seven work facilities to serve clients in Europe, Asia, United States, furthermore, Australia, we can offer liquidity at charming levels against publicly marketed shares individual financial masters, associations, and public associations’ officials around the world,” said Al Christy, Jr., the organizer and leader of EFH.

EFH, developed in 2002, has experienced yearly advancement of over 30% in its loan transactions over the last years, and the organization has kept on setting the pace. The organization’s total overall workforce has extended by over half since 2012. Exchanges in Equities First are non-recourse as borrowers can hold the given funds while the company retains their shares.

“This has been a period of development and preparation for Equities First,” included Christy. “We have extended our services to offer splendid liquidity openings, joined with best in class client benefits. We continue putting resources within the operations while the company experiences advancing and faster augmentation. We have a feeling that the teams in London, Australia and Asia are part of the best people in the business, and adhere to our association norms of giving the best support of our clients.”  Today, Equities First is taking its services to another level getting its services to reach many customers and Equities of Website.

Lori Senecal Advises Women on How to Prosper By Creating New Opportunities

Lori Senecal holds numerous titles. She’s the CEO of the global marketing and advertising brand, CP+B. A motivational speaker and mentor. Her vast experience has come as a blessing to numerous companies now making incredible strides in their growth and expansion plans all thanks to Lori.

Early Years

The digital marketing pro is the recipient of a top honors degree from the McGill University. She holds a BCom from the McGill University in Marketing and Finance. For two years, starting 2009, she lived and worked in New York at Kirshenbaum Bond Senecal + Partners. Barely three years into working here Lori got promoted to become both the Chairman and CEO of the company. Previously, she’d helped bring about innovation to adverting and branding firms like the McCann-Erickson Worldwide group. Other notable roles include serving as the Global Account Director at Coca-Cola and as the lead idea person at MDC, Xbox, Sprint, Nestle, InBev, Applebee, and Nabisco and at Molson Inc.

Awards and Honors

Lori Senecal’s illustrious career is a source of inspiration to a countless number of young professionals in the industry. Lore Seneca is always receiving top awards and accolades for the exemplary work she delivers. These awards include a Quantum Leap award for innovation and leadership by the AMNY Game Changer Association. In 2014, Lori got named as the Ad Week’s Woman of the Year. While receiving her promotion to head up CP+B she had this to say, ‘It’s an honor to work with the leadership team at CP+B.” she went ahead to mention that she hoped to accomplish great things for CP+B, moving forward.

Her Secrets to Success

Her successful stint at KBS has led to the company growing by extraordinary leaps. For instance, she pioneered the introduction of two new departments at the firm; the Spies and Assassins branch which deals with technology, the KBS Ventures specializing in setting up startups and finally the content creation arm, the KBS Content Labs.

Lori is all about two essential things: One, build and nurture a talented staff. Motivate and inspire them to become the best they possibly can and two, always stay steps ahead of your competitors. No wonder, KBS has been hailed as one of the best places to work in New York by institutions like Crain Inc. Lori often gets featured in business magazines, seminars and conferences and television shows. The lady also serves on various jurist boards for instance at the Isaac Awards.


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How Betsy DeVos Can Improve Education

When I heard that Betsy DeVos was going to be appointed as the Secretary of Education, I had a lot of questions. As a first time mother to an almost three year old, I was curious about how schools function. After all, I’m 40, and it has been forever since I was in school. The great thing is that I now get to teach my daughter what I can at home, and it’s fun watching her develop. My greatest fear as a mother was that when she finally went to school, I was uncertain about how much she would learn. I didn’t know how schools had changed, and I had heard so much about kids struggling.

Having a been a mother herself, I know Betsy knows and understands what that feels like. She had four children of her own in school at one time, and now that she has grandchildren she is still involved and has been with education for many years. Although Betsy has not been a teacher, she doesn’t need to be in order to totally rock this position. I’m looking at this from the viewpoint that she is a woman that would love to see children excel, and she is looking at this position through the eyes of a mother and a grandmother.

Betsy DeVos has been involved in politics for nearly 28 years, and her job as the Secretary of Education will still be to work with politicians and those who work at the state level to help reform education. Betsy isn’t going to work with teachers directly, and she isn’t going to work with students directly. I’m thrilled that someone with so much experience in politics and working to excel education in the past is in this position.

Read more:

I don’t know how a bill becomes a law, but what I do know is that Betsy DeVos is going to be working in this capacity with experience in politics to see how education bills can influence laws regarding education. I also know and have seen that she stands behinds children getting a quality education regardless of where they live. This is critical to children that are considered high-risk. They all deserve the same opportunities as any other child to learn, get tutoring when needed, and get the bet curriculum. It is safe to say in my opinion that Betsy is the absolute best choice at this time.

There are many experienced teachers out there that have been around for as long as she has, but they can and should work hand in hand together to reform education. That reform of the education system is her job, not to teach or write the curriculum itself.

Visit Betsy’s family foundation at

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Securus Challenges Global Tel Link (GTL) to Technology Bake Off

At present times, majority of people are familiar with GTL’s technology platforms as they used to use less efficient, older, primarily premise-based systems, less feature-rich, not wholly centralized processing & storage systems. Securus operates its domestic based-call center that is staffed by Securus workers. Before, GTL indicated how the company outsourced a larger number of its client service. However, confirmed information indicated how the company entails call answer performance of 600% as compared to GTL. On the other hand, Securus applies its trained field technicians as compared to GTL while contracting most of the task to non-workers who may not have a similar vested interest to serve customers in like manner.

More so, Securus has established the biggest Voice Over Internet Protocol Corrections platform for calling over the world. The VOIP platform offers clients with routine upgrading of software that permits new products and services to be distributed seamlessly to every client at an affordable price and much easier. That is compared to the GTL’s premise-based outdated platforms. Majority of clients who applied GTL are currently using Securus platform and many have confirmed how the company’s technology including customer service is much superior to that provided by the order system of GTL. That is from customers who have experience from the both platforms.

Securus Technologies is based within Dallas, Texas and is currently serving over 3,450 clients who entail: law enforcement, public safely and corrections agencies, including more than 1,200,000 inmates within North America. The company is dedicated to serve and also link people and firms by offering emergency responses, public information, incident management, biometric analysis, investigation, monitoring products, inmate self-service, information management, communication and services with the aim of making the world a better place. The company more so focuses on linking what matters. Today, the organization has done a difference to the world!


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