As filming on Yellowstone's final episodes has resumed in Montana, the show's star Kevin Costner has been traveling the world in promotion of his new movie, Horizon: An American Saga. After premiering the first installment of the epic four-movie project at Cannes (which earned him a seven-minute standing ovation), the actor is reflecting on his time on the Paramount Network drama.

In a recent episode of Armchair Expert with Dax Shepherd, Kevin opened up about Yellowstone. He explains that, before filming began on the first season, he met with hundreds of potential advertisers in Europe and was asked about his commitment to the show. He initially agreed to one season and eventually decided to stay on for three. He said, "They first said to me, you want to be in seven [seasons]? I said, no, it ain't happening. Well, five. It ain't happening. I didn't want to bait and switch. I said I would do it. So I said, I'll give you three."

Although his involvement in the last episodes is uncertain, the actor eventually filmed five seasons. "What happens is I just believed in the world. I knew it was a soap opera. I knew we should all be in jail. We've all killed people there. And so you throw logic out the window, right? A little bit," he said. "But [Taylor Sheridan] has a great ear, and he just wrote that stuff really authentically. And it was good fun. And he wrote my part especially well and Kelly [Reilly]'s part. So listen, I had a lot of fun with it....It was really good. I recognized that. So I did it the best I could possibly do it."

Fans are holding out hope that Kevin will be involved in the show's final episodes when Yellowstone returns in November. In the meantime, the first Horizon movie releases in theaters on June 28.

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