“It’s a huge responsibility. You can’t put your guard down and just relax,” said actor Enchong Dee to explain how he feels when he participates in international film festivals for the different movies he has shot since last year. “Just because you’ve already shot the film doesn’t mean you can already relax. When you’re out there, you have to constantly prove yourself because people will ask questions like: ‘Why is he here? What movie did he make? Is he any good?’ ” Enchong told Inquirer Entertainment during a recent interview. He was in Tokyo recently for Paul Soriano’s “The Fisher,” and in Los Angeles, California, barely a week later for the screening of Chris Martinez’s “Here Comes the Groom.” Richard Somes’ “Topakk,” which brought Enchong to Cannes, France and Locarno, Switzerland, early this year, is currently screening in Finland. Enchong is living his dream. “You know, 2023 is one of those years when many of my dreams came true. This also gives me motivation to make more worthwhile projects—those that, when screened abroad, people will come to watch because they know these are quality films from the Philippines. It feels so good that I’m one of the many actors who is able to represent the country abroad,” he said. “To have participated in the Q&A session for ‘The Fisher’ in Tokyo was really inspiring. I got to experience foreigners asking Filipino artists specific questions, like my process when shooting specific scenes with Kuya Mon (Confiado, his costar). It was a proud moment. They saw the fact that there was that push and pull between the two characters because they’re in conflict, because they disagree on some things. This didn’t escape the intelligent audience,” he explained. Focus on movies For the past two years, Enchong has chosen not to accept any TV work and focus only on doing movies. “I want to grow old with a filmography that people will keep watching and rewatching. I want projects that my audience can learn from, that will make them feel that nationalistic flame in their hearts. I’m at that point in my life right now. I just don’t know why they’re all happening at the same time. I just prayed for God to allow me to keep making movies. I haven’t stopped since ‘Here Comes the Groom,’ which was screened at the 1st Summer Metro Manila Film Festival (MMFF).” Enchong is currently promoting Enchong Dee: It’s an actor’s responsibility to promote quality PH films globally

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