Ruth Pointer of the Pointer Sisters Opens Up About Loss, Sobriety and Her New Tour (EXCLUSIVE)

Find out what to expect from her "Evening of Icons" tour

“Little House on the Prairie” Cast Says They Felt 'Very Protected' on Set as Child Actors

Stars of the beloved '70s series reunited ahead of the show's 50th anniversary at the Monte-Carlo Television Festival in Monaco on Saturday, June 15

David Bowie's ‘Rock ‘n' Roll Star!' Box Set Chronicles the Rise of Ziggy Stardust

Outtakes, demos, and notebook entries illuminate the genesis of one of rock's most legendary characters -- and how badly Bowie wanted it to work

Dwyane Wade Sent Warning to Angel Reese Before Caitlin Clark Matchup

Dwyane Wade sent a warning to Angel Reese last month, which is coming back into play this weekend.

See the Best Photos from Trooping the Colour Including Kate Middleton's First Royal Outing Since Christmas

There was rain, the Princess of Wales' first public outing in six months and Prince Louis' dance moves!

Eminem Does His Own Superhero Stunts in 'Houdini' Blooper Reel: 'Don't Try This at Home!!!'

The ‘Death of Slim Shady (Coup de Grâce)’ rapper dropped the music video for his "Houdini" single on May 31

60s pop icon and actress dies aged 80

“They literally talk about how MM doesn’t eat anymore in the show”: Laz Alonso’s Extreme Weight Loss Gets Seamlessly Woven in The Boys Season 4 That Fans Have Missed

The Boys, created through the pioneering efforts of authors Garth Ennis and Darick Robertson, became a hugely popular series that impressed audiences with its bold satirical take on superheroes. Along with Antony Starr’s chilling Homelander and Karl Urban’s unrelentless Billy Butcher, the impressive ensemble cast also benefited from the presence of Laz Alonso as Marvin […] The post “They literally talk about how MM doesn’t eat anymore in the...

The Best Movies on Amazon Prime Video to Instantly Cure Your Boredom

From the latest releases to celebrated classics.

Anderson Silva vs. Chael Sonnen full fight video highlights

Get Anderson Silva vs. Chael Sonnen full fight video highlights for their main event Saturday night.

Celebrity Doppelgängers: 10 Stars Often Confused for Each Other

These lookalikes, who range from actors to singers, share surprising physical features and characteristics that leave fans in awe.

22 hidden jokes in Disney movies that were actually only for adults

Using various sources, Stacker compiled a list of hidden adult jokes and Easter eggs in Disney films you may have missed.

‘The Importance of Being Weird’: 15 Trivia Tidbits About Gary Larson’s ‘The Far Side’

From 1980 to 1995, some of the most subversive pieces of art could be found in your local newspaper’s comics section. Gary Larson’s The Far Side, the beloved strip full of cows, non sequiturs and non sequiturs involving cows, has been cre

The Funniest Animal Videos 2024

The Funniest Animal Videos 2024 In this video, you'll see everything from dogs and cats doing silly things to wild animals having close encounters with humans. These videos are guaranteed to put a smile on your face and make you laugh out loud. So what are you waiting for? Watch it now! =========================== Thank you for your guys' support ! Subscribe : https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCIqWFhsJm2VU1ZuGrZnx3Pw?sub_confirmation=1 Watch more fun videos on our playlist : https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLhOYRw2LCXIa4Wcm3EZvO9vl3O8S1evEy

The sequels of 50 iconic movies that fans waited decades for

Stacker compiled a list of movie franchises that made their audiences wait and wait for a sequel.

The Requiem For Methuselah Scene Star Trek's DeForest Kelley Refused To Film

McCoy delivers a moving monologue in the Star Trek episode 'Requiem for Methuselah,' but DeForest Kelley Refused to film the original version of it.

25 Remarkable Celebrity Transformations Throughout Their Careers

Here is a look at 25 celebrities and how they have aged over the course of their careers.

Watch THE BEST Auditions From X Factors Around The World That Gave Judges ALL THE FEELS!

Watch The Most Viral, Outstanding X Factor Auditions EVER From Shows Such As UK, Italy, Australia & MORE! X Factor Global brings together the very best acts from around the world, keeping you up to date and ensuring that you never miss a thing! Subscribe to X Factor Global: https://www.youtube.com/user/xfactorglobal Watch more X Factor Global videos: https://www.youtube.com/user/xfactorglobal/videos #xfactor #xfactoruk #simoncowell

Gladiator 2: release date, cast, plot, trailer, and more

Ridley Scott returns to the arena in Gladiator 2. Here's everything you need to know about Gladiator 2, including the release date, cast, synopsis, and trailer.The Latest Tech News, Delivered to Your Inbox

“Inside Out 2” cast debunks fan theories, including whether “Toy Story”'s Andy and Riley share a dad

"This is like 'General Hospital,'" quips Tony Hale.

Meet Jake Gyllenhaal's famous family: his Oscar-nominated mom, sister Maggie Gyllenhaal, and even legend Paul Newman

All about Jake Gyllenhaal's famous family tree, including his sister Maggie Gyllenhaal, their famous parents, and godparents Jamie Lee Curtis and Paul Newman

Will Ferrell revels in being most embarrassing dad ever at son’s prom

Will Ferrell revels in being most embarrassing dad ever at son’s prom - Ferrell has three sons - Magnus, Mattias, and Axel – with wife Viveca Paulin

The Disney Movie That Was Big the Year You Were Born

A look back at five decades of classics. (Plus, a few stinkers.)

Best Movies Now on Netflix

In a world where streaming has become a cultural phenomenon, Netflix remains the premiere platform to watch movies and television shows. Blazing a trail for every streaming provider that followed, Netflix continues to boast some of the finest and most noteworthy movies viewers can find anywhere. With a streaming catalog mixed between Netflix original movies and endless amounts of well-known movies like Hit Man, Crazy Rich Asians, and The Amazing Spider-Man, there’s no shortage of potential viewing options when it comes to Netflix’s impressive lineup of movies. Updated: June 13

See 40 Extra-Chic Red Carpet Photos From the 2024 Monte-Carlo Television Festival

Simone Ashley and Morgan Freeman walked away with big honors on opening night, while attendees were treated to a new historical drama called 'The Gray House.'

American Idol's Jack Blocker Says 'You Want to Break' After Leaving Show

Jack Blocker is ready to move forward after his turn on American Idol season 22. “Idol is go, go, go. It’s exhausting and coming off of it feels like you want to break,” Blocker, 25, exclusively told Us Weekly at CMA Fest in Nashville on Saturday, June 8. “Doing something like this, it’s like, ‘[I] […]

45 Bad Movies That Became Cult Classics

Some movies somehow transcend their initial expectations and go from a serious film to one that is so bad that magically becomes good. Check out the 45 bad movies that are ridiculously fun to watch.

Forgotten Fame: 20 Celebrities Who Vanished from Hollywood

Being a successful actor in Hollywood is considered to be the peak of someone’s career. However, sometimes son stars decide to retire early, whether because they feel they have achieved all they wanted, to explore new business opportunities or seek a quiet life outside of the industry. Other times, however, it is because of some circumstances outside their control, such as illness. Here are 20 actors who aren’t working in front of the screen anymore.

Twice's Nayeon Wants to Show You a New Side of Herself

Nayeon has been on a whirlwind journey for the past few years. In 2021, her K-Pop girl group, Twice, reached a new level of international success. Landing their first entries on the Billboard 200 Top 10 (Taste of Love) and Billboard Hot 100 (“The Feels”), the nine-piece act cemented their spot as global superstars. The […]

Funny Horror Movies That Deliver On the Chuckles and the Chills

Scream, laugh, scream, repeat

John Waters thinks this thriller is 2024’s best movie so far. Is he right?

The year's not even half over, and Hairspray director John Waters has already picked his favorite movie of 2024. Find out what is and why you should watch it.The Latest Tech News, Delivered to Your Inbox

Hanson Brothers, Who Have 15 Kids Between Them, Joke That Going on Tour Stops Them from Having Kids

The singers stopped by 'The View' on Friday, June 14 to surprise co-host Alyssa Farah Griffin on her birthday

Hamptons Restaurant Responds to Influencers Who Say It Was 'Worst' $2K Dinner — Claims They Misrepresented Experience

The owners of Mavericks Montauk in New York said the viral TikTok review “has real, meaningful and lasting consequences for us as a small business"

10 Celebrities Who Got Their Start on ‘The Mickey Mouse Club’

“Once a Mouseketeer, always a Mouseketeer.”

Full Circle with Frankie Beverly

As our first-ever ESSENCE Festival closer preps to retire from live performance, we offer the legendary crooner his flowers as he returns to our stage one last time

House of the Dragon star Olivia Cooke admits ‘complicated feelings’ about show’s on-screen age gaps

House of the Dragon star Olivia Cooke admits ‘complicated feelings’ about show’s on-screen age gaps - Actor is only a year older than Tom Glynn-Carney, who plays her son in HBO drama

‘Under The Bridge': Riley Keough Explains Why She Was "A Little Bit Apprehensive" About True-Crime Series

In Hulu limited series Under the Bridge, adapted from the book by Rebecca Godfrey, Riley Keough plays journalist Godfrey, as she returns to her hometown to look into the real-life murder of a local girl, 14-year-old Reena Virk. Opposite Keough, Lily Gladstone stars as investigating police officer Cam Bentland, with whom Godfrey has a complicated […]

Céline Dion Details Her Emotions as She Gave Taylor Swift Her Album of the Year Grammy (Exclusive)

The music icon tells PEOPLE she was "very, very nervous" to return to the Grammys stage

Here’s What 40 Celebrities Looked Like as Teenagers

From red carpet events to high school yearbook photos. Many of your favorite celebrities have been cruising down red carpets since their high school years—and we have the photos to prove it. And while a few of them have spent their entire lives in the spotlight, thanks to their famous families, others were hustling through TV cameos, theater gigs, and supporting roles to bolster their Hollywood resumes at a young age. Here are 40 photos of celebrities as teens, from a young Leonardo DiCaprio participating in a charity basketball event to a 14-year-old Natalie Portman attending a movie premiere.

Kelly Clarkson Fans Call Out New "Kellyoke" as One of Her "Greatest Performances Ever"


'I Was Really Disappointed': Marvel Thwarted Loki Star From Taking Home Season 2 Prop

Ke Huy Quan reveals what prop he tried to take from Loki Season 2.

Our Fair Lady: Princess of Wales’s selfless display was the tonic that Britain needed

Two words: Thank you. Thank you Princess of Wales for being an absolute trouper and attending Trooping the Colour on a cold, grey day when lesser mortals with your illness would have stayed home, tucked up in their jim-jams. Thank you for sacrificing the privacy that is so much needed to get you back to full health. Thank you for such a show of sup...

40 Photos of the 'Lord of the Rings' Cast, Then and Now

Do you age more after leaving Middle-Earth? Let's find out.

Hulu's ‘Under the Bridge' Tells the Story of Reena Virk - and The Notorious B.I.G.

In the first episode of Hulu's Under the Bridge, Reena Virk is trying to fit in with a new group of friends. Her way of bonding? Playing The Notorious B.I.G.'s 1997 opus Life After Death. That album - his second - was released 16 days after the rap icon was gunned down to death. Virk, […]

Career Killers: 25 Movies That Derailed Stardom

Some well-known titles represent examples where certain movies had notable negative effects on the careers of actors, directors, or other individuals involved in their production. Here, check out 25 of them.

11 Random Facts to Quench Your Fabled Inquisitiveness

Here's a question. Who actually LIKES super predictable, orderly facts? Not us, that's for sure. We love our facts chaotic, surprising, not in any predictable sequence whatsoever. That is to say TOTALLY RANDOM.Yea, that's right, you heard us. We love

Taylor Swift unexpectedly covers Calvin Harris, Rihanna hit during Liverpool show

Taylor Swift unexpectedly covers Calvin Harris, Rihanna hit during Liverpool show - Swift famously co-wrote ‘This Is What You Came For’ under the pseudonym ‘Nils Sjöberg’

Karen Gillan Addresses Possible Reunion With James Gunn for the DCU

The actress discussed her experience playing Nebula in the MCU, and what it might look like if she were to work with James Gunn again.

LION REUNIONS - 10 Years of Unique Bonds

Lion Reunions with Kevin Richardson. This video is for newcomers and loyal supporters alike, a celebration of all the unique bonds we've seen over the last 10 years. Welcome to Lion Whisperer TV! #wildlife #animals #fun Credit goes to Jackie Badenhorst @jackiewildphoto for the beautiful thumbnail demonstrating a unique bond! Become a member of LionWhispererTV today and receive exclusive videos and content! https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC_NS4MiiHAFo3CYI7fRSLtQ/join New video every Friday at 4:00 PM GMT - Subscribe here: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC_NS4MiiHAFo3CYI7fRSLtQ?sub_confirmation=1 Purchase your Lion Whisperer Merch now: https://thelionwhispererclothing.com/ Connect with us: Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/LionWhispererSA Instagram: http://instagram.com/lionwhisperersa Website: http://www.lionwhisperer.co.za LionWhispererTV aim is to raise awareness about The Kevin Richardson Wildlife Sanctuary.

Luke Combs Brings Fans to Tears With His Heartfelt Album Dedication: 'To My Boys'

"Did someone cut an onion?"😭