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A line in the obituary for 92-year-old Hal Buell, who led AP's photo department from darkroom to digital over four decades, captured in nine words a book's worth of teaching on living better longer: "I had the greatest job in the whole world," he said when doctors and others asked him about his long life in his final days. Why it matters: The longevity industry is booming and bubbling with advice on fitness, food, fun, hot yoga and cold plunges....

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We live in a world that often races by at breakneck speed. We hurry, hustle and do way too much. When’s the last time you took the foot off the gas of your everyday life to just sit back and enjoy the moment? That’s where the Danish concept of “hygge” comes in, providing a much-needed […] The post Hygge appeared first on Home & Texture.

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Your first instinct may be to rug up and bunker down when winter weather hits, but one Scandi wellness concept is promoting the benefits of braving the cold.

We moved from the suburbs to our vacation home. I save at least 10 hours a week not commuting, and my kids have a happy, outdoorsy life.

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According to the World Health Organization, 60% of factors correlated with good health and quality of life are lifestyle choices. Six in 10 adults in the U.S. have a chronic disease while nearly 30 million children and adults in the U.S. have diabetes, often due to poor diet and a lack of exercise.

Keep guests comfy this winter with hygge inspiration

Second to the term “Brexit,” the Collins English Dictionary coined “hygge” the runner-up for the word of the year in the UK in 2016. Soon after, the Danish and Norwegian word describing a cozy and contended mood became something of a phenomenon across the pond as well. Americans quickly embraced the idea and practice of hygge — and why wouldn’t we? Who doesn’t love cozying up with friends, ...

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